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"Tommy Lewis is a POET. That title is slung around pretty loosely these days. Well, Tommy is the real deal. He publishes Haiku poetry and plays a mean guitar. He's studied, gifted, and wise beyond his years. Tommy throws down every time he puts pen to paper or steps on a stage. All of that makes him one hell of a dangerous songwriter. The kind I love."
- Chuck Hawthorne

Songwriter. Teacher. Coach. Creative.

Tommy Lewis does a lot, and he does it all well. The songwriter and guitarist has worked with and learned from the best, including Radney Foster and international award-winning songwriter, artist, and poet Chad Elliott. He infuses his roots music with jazz cadence and cool, breathing new life into the genre.


.In addition to a successful music career, Tommy is an English teacher, multi-sport coach, competitive triathlete, and PhD candidate whose research centers on Buddhism and competitive sports.

Whether performing, teaching, or producing, Tommy is almost always involved in something creative. Follow him on all social media sites to stay up to date.


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Tommy Lewis

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